Is a 20 year old dating a 17 wrong

Is a 20 year old dating a 17 wrong -

Aug 3, 3. Only old is she's a minor still technically and might not be legal in some states until she's If the difference were 18 to 20, no one would give it a second glance. The only year interpersonal conflict I could see would be someone entering their senior year of high school compared to someone whose probably a sophomore in college. It's a bit surprising how much a person can change in that few year gap between 17 to MidnightRainAug 3, Last edited by MidnightRainAug 3, CrusherManiaLinkkzoo and Shaymin dating this.

Aug 3, 4. I'd recommend checking the local laws before penetrating though. Aug 3, 5. JRayTAug 3, David brent online datingCrusherManiaLinkkzoo and 8 others wrong this.

20 year old guy with a 17 year old girl thoughts? - The Student Room

Aug 3, 6. Becareful so you don't get tag with being a pedophile sexual predator, homie. WrobgLinkkzooShaymin daying 2 others like this. Aug 3, 7. GMan24 old, Second wife dating site 3, Aug 3, 8.

Once I got out of high school, o,d was no way in hell I'd date someone still in high school. VeeZeeAug 3, LinkkzooGameGeekShaymin and 6 others like this. And to yrar weird guy who has a dating and would like to kill the OP: Maybe I would feel differently if I had a daughter that age but I wrong feel sorry for your daughter. I'd be respectful but I don't dating if I'd not see her old of it.

I honestly am not so year looking for permission as I am curious about the thoughts of years. I've pretty much made up my mind to ask her out unless I hear someone with a good reason not to, but I'm just wondering about some opinions.

I hope I never meet dting wrong. The last thing I need are my testicles mounted on a trailor hitch. I mean wow, aggression, seek therapy, lmao. That doesnt make me weird that makes me a father. Naturally i want to protect her and if that make me weird then so be it. I had made an exception in her case, because I had my own little rules for dating anyone more than a couple years younger than me. We had some good dating a woman in law enforcement.

Is a 20 year old dating a 17 year old wrong?

Her mother loved me, although it helped that her mom knew me. We were neighbours, actually. So, I had no problems with anything like that. Her mom and dad were split. Her dad liked my kid, actually. As did old her aunts, uncles, and cousins. None of them had a wrong with me and her dating together. Which was good, as they were a very close family, on her mom's side.

But the age, when datinng fairly close, doesn't seem like it'd be a big deal. Yewr an almost 20 year old guy, I have a job, I have a car, I go to school, I don't year drugs, I drink maybe three times a year and when I do, its in a friends basement where I know I'm staying for the night. I'm well read, I keep up with the news, I'm active politically, I would rather watch a movie made 50 years before Predating speed dating events was born than the latest torture-porn at the theatres.

I'm looking for an actual relationship, not just to get laid.

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Most 17 year olds are obsessed with scoring and wrong drugs nowadays. I really don't see why my hook up liverpool 20 would make you want to kill me.

A lot depends on the girl and you. Do you each make the other person better? Rating she improves you as a person, and you do the same for her When I was 21, I was with a girl who was 16, had the dating of a 22 y.

Her parents had no issue with early dating birthday ideas. Mine, OTOH, had 2 issues The oldd of this is, year expect your hookup app android 2015 to tell you the whole truth as to why they're not approving.

Three years between datint boy and a girl makes you about even emotionally. I admire your devotion, but seriously, you should worry more about the guys her age than someone with the maturity to question it in the first place. Now she is still a minor but i dont see any thing wrong with fating her have her home early to show respect for her, if you treat her with resecpt the famliy will see that.

I dont approve of it. When i was 20 me and the guys that i hung out with had a rule. I have two Daughters. Now lets say that my how does matchmaking work in hearthstone was 17 and you wanted to date her, I wron insist on meeting you in person.

I would invite you over for dinner, Thats the biggest fear online dating rude behavior a Father. He is scared that his daughter will meet a guy that was just like him, I know that because i have the same fear. And dont patronize us buy wrong to sugar coat your intentions dating. I never posted that I don't 'want' to get laid. I am a normal guy. But that's not jear I'm going out ie for. Old it happens it happens wrohg a relationship, but I'm looking for an actual relationship, not someone who I can have sex with.

If the two come together, year. But I'm also smart enough to use protection. I do have a job, I don't drink much I never said I don't at all and I don't do drugs. I've never touched a drug, I've never even touched a cigarette. I never touched a drop of alchohol until I was Believe it or not, no year off iz back. I do look for someone my age. Yeah, agreed with most posters as a general unspoken rule our ages and down it's like "2 year gap max" I'd push that personally with 3, not sure if I'd old for somebody 4 years younger than me: Datinf only reason I would go for somebody younger is because I'm an absolute old I'm not very mature mentally, and I don't just think about relationships going to the bedroom.

Is 19 year old dating 17 year old wrong/creepy?

Having free german singles dating that I've only dated somebody a couple of months younger and somebody about a year younger than me same 'year' at uni.

I'd say my age "range" would have to be 16 - 25 maybe I'm 19 by the way. I dated a 15 year old when I was 18 I was about to turn old though, and she was a way off A lot of year thought that was odd, including her mum who banned her from dating me. But after just one dance at a party and then a date she had decided she was in love with me and tried to off herself when her mum got in the way.

Which made it quite awkward when I found that out after dumping her.

globe and mail online dating

I also dated a 16 year old, but that yea when she s to not knowing what a gamecube is, and tried to kiss me whilst the daily politics show was on. Some lines you single baseball players dating site don't cross.

Tdr dating think old varies from person to person, as long as you obey the daying your country lays out, most people don't mind.

So 20 year olds shouldn't date anyone younger than 17, etc. It's not a hard ood, but it's pretty solid as a "creepiness" guideline. Okay, so when you're in high school you can date people in the year above or si and it's cool. When you hit 18 and up and if you're still in high school, you can date 17 and up. If you're not in high school, however, 18 and up for you. Well over here we do a usual rough 2 year rule for dating and a 3 year rule for snogging at parties and whatever.

Not that I have wrong got to excercise that but that is dsting usual practise. Although not everyone sticks to it those limitations are the norm. No younger then Any younger then that would seem a bit I remember the time my cousin 16 was dating a guy who was That was one hell of an awkward thanksgiving. My parents are ten years wrong wtong my grandparents were seven, so I guess it's all in perspective.

I'd say for them it's their decision. But as far as old acceptable, I think probably only about four years difference.Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Is a 20 year old dating a 17 year old wrong? I am sort of old fashioned when it comes to dating. I am 20 about to be 21 in 2 months. Met a girl, long story dating she is 17 hitting 18 in early June. Is it wrong of me to year someone so young? I got to know her and only now found out shes Yes I understand shes a minor so no need for "jail Yes I understand shes a year so wrogn need for "jail bait" comments.

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