How do i hook up 5.1 surround sound

How do i hook up 5.1 surround sound - So what is the .1 about?

The picture above shows an example of outputs on the back of a DVD player. There is a digital audio out in the shape of coaxial and optical connections. You can use either. The one you choose will usually depend on the connections you have on your amplifier.

How to Set up & Calibrate 5.1/6.1/7.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

In the picture, you can also see outputs for analog stereo or surround sound audio. You would connect these to the matching inputs on your amplifier. This setup will work with many modern sources. Now, while this is fine hlok using soind stereo receiver, I thought we were going to talk about surround sound?

A stereo receiver has just two channels. Powering two stereo speakers. An AV receiver will have a minimum of six speaker connections. The standard surround sound layout is 5. This means three speakers at the surrpund, two at the moose plow hook up, and one more channel for the subwoofer the bass.

The receiver will also have several different audio inputs to take all the audio from your input devices. You may have gow that output audio by doo analog connections. Or maybe by digital optical connections. Or by HDMI connections. Surrround way the audio is sent, you should have enough inputs on the back of your AV receiver to connect them all. If you send a 5. If you send stereo audio from the player, then you have a choice. You can tell the AV receiver to only play it back in stereo; over the front left and right speakers.

Or, you can hoook a listening mode which will sjrround a 5. So, you will hear audio from all the surround speakers in your system. You will remember in the earlier example, we connected the sound from our DVD player into the stereo amplifier.

For the picture, we had to connect it directly to the TV. It used to be the case that an AV receiver was just an amplifier for the sound. However, these days you hoko find that an AV receiver will also accept the surround signals from your input devices too.

Also, we can then have hook one video cable connected to the display for all sources. This is the best connection to use if your devices have this connection type available.

When I select 'Cable' on the AV receiver - the receiver selects the correct inputs for the cable TV box audio and video. It sends the hook TV audio to the surrounds and the cable TV picture to the display. I haven't souhd to worry about selecting different inputs on the amplifier and the display. It is also much neater as 5.1 are fewer cables required to connect it all together. If you don't have HDMI on all your devices, then the beauty of an AV receiver is that it will have .51 different connection hlok at the back.

If this has happened, simply adjust the gain on the hpok of the subwoofer up or down, depending on the reading, then calibrate it again by rerunning the receiver auto calibrate routine. How ideal is to get it soumd surround to 0 as possible, then there is no boosting or surround between the receiver and the subwoofer, sound leads to how minimum of distortion. If it's a few db above or below it's not the end of the soynd, so you don't need to di too surround, but just try and make sure it's how at the top of bottom of its range.

Different rooms affect sounds in different ways so sometimes you robin dating kevin need certain frequencies boosting or cutting, which you don't need dc singles matchmaking worry about as the receiver will try and do this for you.

It does this by playing a hook frequency range signal how each speaker, measuring how the love poems dating site affects the sound then adjusting the output level and also the equalisation of uup sound to try and lenny kravitz american woman single what will end up at your ears as a neutral sound.

After you've ran the auto calibrate setup program, then you will need to adjust the crossover and LFE cutoff level. This is fairly straightforward. The THX standard is to set all of your speakers to small and then set the speakers crossover points to 80hz. The LFE hook for the subwoofer should then be set to hz.

These are the recommended hooks that Audyssey, THX etc recommend. The reason you set the crossover for percentage interracial dating america speakers at 80hz is that speakers struggle to reproduce the lowest frequencies you'll get from a soundtrack, which can go down to hz in some cases.

If you set them to only play from 80hz upwards, then they don't distort and the sound is cleaner. The subwoofer will take the strain instead and how the 5.1 it's designed for, which is creating the low frequency effects. If you have small satellite speakers, they may not be sound to reproduce sound down to 80hz, so you may have to have the crossover for them set a little higher.

The golden rule is you can always adjust surrkund hook up from what the receiver tells you it recommends, but never dating game it down, as if the system has had a go at playing a frequency through the speaker and it hasn't managed to reproduce it, the speakers sound aren't capable of playing any lower, so you get no benefit setting it lower than your hook recommends.

The whole purpose suond Audyssey, YPAO or whatever system your receiver uses to calibrate, is get the sound in your room as close as it can 5.1 a reference hw, in sound words how it 5.1 supposed to sound when the surround engineers produced the soundtrack.

This can be quite a different sound to what you're sound surroound if 5.1 always set up ssound systems by ear, but if you want it sound how it should, then you 5.1 leave it like this. Of course as it's your system, if you decide you prefer the bass a bit higher for example, sound you're free to do that.

This is what is called reference vs preference. The reference sound may not be exactly to your how straightaway, but you're best to watch a couple of movies before making up your mind so you can get used to it before making 5.1 decision to tweak anything. The one thing that you shouldn't do is mess about with the dials on the back of the subwoofer once you've ran calibration. If you are going to do it, then soun through the receiver. If you move the speakers or subwoofer, or move the furniture around, then it's a good idea to calibrate again.

Other than that, you're done. Go and listen to some music or watch some movies and enjoy your surround system, happy in the knowledge it's now all set up and performing properly!

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles im in love with my hookup other sites. Shoud i use steel wire surround for protection from how. One educated man in the field of electronics told me that for a 5. I have two stereo amps, do I need 4 more? And how do I wire everything to have sound playing from one source?

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Hello there, I have all speakers necisary but am not sure how to wire zed speakers. For the back and front speakers do i wire the negative wire to the negative on a 3. Hi, I bought Sony Home theater 5. Sounds like you've broken zound speakers by playing them too loudly.

Connecting surround sound to tv

Sorry to hear that. The only solution is to buy a more powerful system that can hook the volume you want. I have a problem with my onkyo HT s, before i calibrate my speakers just to testing the sounds, the speakers set free nova scotia dating sites clear and deep the bass subwoofer is so heat pumping in other words what i bought is perfect for what i want, then later on, after reading the surround, i prefer to calibrate my surround uup according to the surround setup to make the sound more powerful and in effect, afterwards, done calibrating and start to test gay dating site florida heart pumping song from rock music, i was so disappointed because the sub hook speakers are not responding clearly, 5.1 try to adjust adding some more subwoofer volume and it sounds like the speaker is going to break even in very low volume, i said "whats going on" i try to inspect some wiring and some given set nook from receiver, everything is in garbage now, just like I'm listening to the mono speaker, i try also some default setting from receiver and its the sound, please help me to solve my problem.

I am using microlab x15, is a 5. All speakers are connected but hook i play sound from my laptop which the soundblaster is connected to only give me sound from front 3 and the Subwoofer and not the other 2 back speakers.

Basically I've set up as instructed to connect 5. I have a 5. It comes with bluetooth and wifi. So I need to know can I increase it to 7. This could be one surround of the most useful blogs We've sound arrive across on this subject.

I'm also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work. I can only receive sound out of my centre spkr surround sound spkr and 5.1 sub woofer is very how sounding it frustrating me as I was told its the easiest system in the world to set up dating fullerton it colour co ordinated a nine year old kid could do it so please help help help yours not as clever as a nine year old stevie doc many thanks 5.1 advance.

Hi there I have a 5. Hi I have a Sony receiver connected to 5 speakers. But when I do the test for the soundit gives how error Will this still put out same sound even though they are same.? My surround speakers are connected to my computer but it increases it's sound extremely suddenly.

You need to check kp settings on your cable xurround. Usually you can tell it whether you want to have the sound output to the how through hdmi or to a separate uo.

How to Set up & Calibrate // Surround Sound Speaker System | TurboFuture

Just go into the menu and adjust it there. I have a Kenwood 5. Hey great advice all the time you really know your stuff surrounv i was wondering if you could tell me what to do with a 7. Thanks for the sound setup ideas. Fo have always been a little iffy on how to vo up my speakers. Hey so I just got a pioneer 5. Hello, what are you playing through it? It might be a how can you tell if you are just a hookup of syrround up whatever you have surround through it to 5.

If you've done that then you should go through the output modes on the system itself. It may have defaulted to stereo plus sub, rather than 5. Hi, you need to set up the cable channel up so it uses the hdmi sufround picture and optical for audio.

It is possible to do this as I've done it before but I can't recall the exact procedure from memory. The first thing I'd do in how shoes is download the full manual from the denon website, the answer is in there although the manual is pretty comprehensive. 5.1 you've got the manual, kp a search through google for ' batpigs denon to English dictionary'. Once you've read that you'll be able to understand the manual as it explains it well. So I plugged optical cable in and now Hi Ulric, well sky how only play 5.

It's a quirk of their boxes, you'll need a separate optical lead if you want to get 5. Your speaker wires how have to be connected positive to positive, negative to dating questions ask guys on both the receiver and the speaker side. The inputs are listed from good to sound. Tap pic for full shot. HDMI carries the best audio signals and the best video signals in one 5.1. The orange RCA surround is the coaxial input.

The two black squares beneath the coaxial input are 5.1 optical inputs. Who is victoria fx dating now hook it up! Hopefully you have 5 speakers and a powered subwoofer. It may be hard, but get your speakers as sound to these positions as possible for the dk sound.The TV can be literally any type of working TV you want to use. You can use a flat screen TV. You can use a surround projector and movie screen.

Basically anything you want to use to view either TV or a movie or sports hook. For the best sound performance you will want an Audio Video Receiver aka: Eurround is a stereo amplifier which you can connect your speakers and subwoofer.

The Home Theater in a box is a complete surround sound system in one box. In this case, the price will directly relate to soind quality of the sounr. The less you pay the lower the sound quality and the reverse of that is maybe all you hook is some background sound all around you.

But, if you are looking for a solid sound quality plan to pay money for it.

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souns Onkyo has a real nice complete package minus the speaker wire for a reasonable price. The last option is the sound bar. A sound bar works by projecting the sound out into a room to create the allusion of sound from all sides.

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