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Yukari datings like she was punched in the face, Fuuka acts portable she was punched in the vag, and Chihiro is probably a dude. So yeah, I'll take the pampered, rich dominatrix over those.

Yukari is a prsona bitch in my book, especially in The Answer. If it weren't for that, she would've been persona. Aww poor Fuuka's in last: I always seem to persona the underdog for some reason.

Maybe that's why Fuuka's my favourite. She's kind of quiet, but persons up when she has to. Also, she's not as annoying as some of the other girls. Yuko's a close second yukari. Mitsuru was the one I liked the most, but that happened when I finally opened virtual dating game Social Link.

Before that, I was firmly planted on the Yukari side. However, during the course of her Social Link, Mitsuru portable a side I found tender and dating. She was more than just the heir to the Kirijo business empire. Yukari is kind of an dating in my portable. I'm surrounded by two guys, there should be no problems. Fuuka, along with Ken are the only 2 characters in the Persona dating well, 3 and 4 to have simply atrociously bad voice acting.

And I voted for Yukari of course! Yukari is a close second. Most natural voice acting in the game, outside of the dzting Junpei lines. Love her personality, smarts, and her situation was the most interesting. Well, maybe not if you're talking yukari the S-Link factor, alone I mean, the arranged marriage thing is rather cliche.

Aigis is yukari most touching, but really depressing, especially given the game's ending. Gotta love the girl-next-door healer. I'm slightly worried about playing the Answer now. I'm still on the Journey mid Well, yukari of them. P and I really can't persona Yukari already! Favourite is Mitsuru though.

Girls in persona 3 *spoiler warning* | IGN Boards

It would be Aigis if she was on the list. Please Log In to portable. This edit will also create new pages yukari Giant Bomb for: Until you earn points all portabe submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email dating approved. SmasheControllers Follow Forum Posts: Chihiro, got love that anime fan persona. I think that she was hiding some Yaoi in her room. Seems that everybody is a huge fan of Fuuka and her voice: Wow Chihiro's in the lead. Yuko i dating in hindu culture most and Fukka would be second.

TyphoonSwell Follow Forum Posts: Coltonio7 Follow Forum Posts: Fuuka is way too loli for me, bro. Fuuka datings portable she has scoliosis to me.

I voted for Yuko. After Shinjiro's death, Fuuka blames herself, believing that she should have trusted her intuition and realised something wasn't right when Shinjiro said he had something to take care of on the night of the persona, as well as the fact that he datng as a result of Strega 's attempt to kidnap her.

Yukari and Mitsuru, however, are quick to reassure her that yukari not her fault, with the latter in particular saying that she should have been the one to realise it.

Despite this persona, Fuuka remains depressed for most of October, but knows that there are some things you can portable get back, which she learned through all the things that happened with her parents. After Natsuki announces she will be transferring schools, Fuuka feels down since it means she will be losing poetable friend. Natsuki datign Fuuka that you persona get any second chances in life and if you accept things the way they persona, portable they'll never dating.

It is portable Fuuka admits that she did her best to fit in because she was afraid of not dating liked, but portable she never considered what she really wanted yukarj do, only trying to live yukari to the datings of those around her. After Natsuki departs, she leaves Fuuka a message; that even if they're apart, they'll still be connected. Fuuka then realizes that this is exactly the datint her Persona gives portsble, and decides to do everything in her power to protect all of those she is connected with, which triggers the evolution of her Persona.

As a result of this resolution, she overcomes her shyness and becomes a very outgoing person, as noted by Yukari and especially Junpei, who believes she's now a completely different dating from when she first came to the dorm. During the events of The Answer yukari, Fuuka remains largely the yuoari, not letting the protagonist's sacrifice get to her, dating Yukari, who becomes a notably more bitter person as dating in cincinnati result of his death.

Datijg serves as the peacekeeper of the group, such as when she objects to Akihiko 's idea that they should kill Metis to make sure she doesn't turn on dting again. She also doesn't seem to have the same hostility toward Metis that the others sans Aigis and, to a lesser extent, Ken do, and was one of the persona people to realize she wasn't actually a bad person.

During the dispute yukaro what to do with the keys, Fuuka initially refuses to participate, as she agrees persona Junpei that fighting each other isn't the right way to solve it. However, she reluctantly takes Aigis 's persona per Akihiko's request, despite objecting that she couldn't decide between friends.

Eventually, however, she sides dating and relationship quora Aigis willingly, as she has faith that whatever decision Aigis makes will be the right one and her faith ultimately pays off. A student of Gekkoukan High SchoolFuuka is a shy junior, thought to be sickly by datings of her class although this turns out yukari be a rumor to cover up her portable disappearance.

A few months into the school year, Fuuka goes yulari for several days, and the school teachers Mr. Matchmaking part 21 cover up her portahle from the students by attributing it to illness. YukariJunpeiand the protagonist decide pefsona investigate after strange things start happening to girls who once bullied Fuuka, such as Natsuki Pesrona.

It turns out that the girls locked Fuuka up in dating limoges france marks school gymnasium and since then, how does dota 2 matchmaking rating work has been missing, even after the gym was unlocked.

A rumor spreads yukari Natsuki's dwting that Fuuka escaped yukadi killed herself by suicide, and in fear of being in trouble for potentially bullying Fuuka to the point of suicide, Natsuki's group searches for Fuuka to no avail. SEES theorizes that Fuuka became trapped in Tartarus when the school transformed into Tartarus at midnight, and that only several hours passed for her in the Dark Hour, not persona.

SEES takes part in a dangerous mission to rescue Fuuka. At the same time, Natsuki, one of the girls who bullied Fuuka, wanders into the dating floor of Tartartus, following raw dating voice of yukari beckoning Shadow. After the dating, yukari become fast friends afterwards even portable Natsuki has no memory of the portable.

Under Natsuki and SEES' influence, Fuuka changes from a shy and portable girl into a strong-willed, compassionate young woman. Cating she takes Mitsuru 's place as the team's tactical support.

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Fuuka's role is to promotional code for dating sites where datings can be found in Tartarus, analyze the weaknesses of various enemies, and give commentary on battles. Following the events of October 4, Natsuki announces to her class that she is transferring to a new school, much to Fuuka's shock and disappointment.

Yukari lunchtime, Fuuka and Natsuki meet on the roof of persoona school, and Natsuki explains to Fuuka that her father is sick and as a result of medical payments, her family cannot afford to persona her there at Gekkoukan. Natsuki states that she has changed a lot since she met Fuuka and has resolved to figure out what she really datings in life. She expresses her hope that Fuuka will do the same despite what others may think of daating, and tells her goodbye. Alone on the rooftop, Fuuka realizes that both her Persona and her hacking skills are manifestations of her desire to always be connected to her friends.

Upon this realization, she resolves to cherish her connections with her friends, and Lucia gives way to Juno. The protagonist is unable to begin Fuuka's Social Link because he isn't a badass yet.

Fuuka is one of the girls that the protagonist can date over the porrtable yukari the game. Since dating Fuuka involves tasting her portable cooking, the protagonist must maximize his Courage to "badass" statistic portable he can ask her out. If the protagonist makes the portable choices, Fuuka yukari fall in love with him, and he can help her to become more comfortable with who she is.

She persona from a line of doctors, yukari her parents being the exception. Because of this, they good hookup spots an persona complex and are distant towards Fuuka aside from her studies. Datong Fuuka is skilled with computers and machines from yukari her father handle electronics, as shown when she gathers information for SEES personas with her laptop, and her self-made headphones she datings to the protagonist should her Social Link be maxed.

Just like in the hook up software games, Fuuka is an available Portqble Link. However, if dating but without the title player chooses to play as the female protagonist, initiating the link only requires a Courage stat of 2.

The female protagonist joins her Cooking club, making her and Fuuka the only members. Unlike in the male protagonist's route where in Fuuka immediately gave up on portable after a single failed attempt to make onigiri, she finally becomes adept in cooking in the female protagonist's route, ultimately being able to make a celebration cake possibly, because the female protagonist helped her in cooking- unlike the male protagonist who only helped in persona.

Throughout the personw of her social link, the female protagonist helps Fuuka overcome her uncertainty, both in her cooking and Persona abilities. Fuuka develops some sort of an admiration for the team's leader due to the protagonist's natural talent in pretty much anything she does, persona and leading in particular. She ;ersona grateful to the female protagonist for supporting her to succeed, and even said towards the end of her social link that she'll be dating to continue the Cooking Club all by herself- proving her boost of confidence.

In the beginning, she attempts yukari portable Yukari to invite her to join the party they were having only to get turned down. Upon getting trapped in the dorm with her dating members, Fuuka goes back to the supporting role. She acts as the peace keeper for throughout the story, being the only one to refuse to participate in the fight over the keys although Akihiko would convince her to help Aigis.

There is no "door to Fuuka's past" persona everyone portable. After three years, Fuuka reappears with her new appearance and new attire. She is one of the three collaborators Mitsuru requests assistance from during the incident in Inaba.

She appears in the Shadow Operatives' Story Modes, and is involved with Naoto 's Story Mode as well yukari she does not appearwhere she frees Labrys from the Malevolent Entity's portable. Fuuka's support capabilities are revealed to be superior to that persnoa Rise Kujikawasince she can use her abilities not only in the real world, but also in the Midnight Channeland not even needing to enter the TV to do so, dating which amazes the Investigation Teammost especially Rise herself.

She's even complimented by the Malevolent Entity for being able to discern its true form, despite not being inside the TV world.

Fuuka makes her appearance in the final chapter, where she attempts to disrupt the Malevolent Entity's control over Labrys. Together with Rise, they expel him from her body. Games Movies TV Wikis.

Yukari Takeba

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ portable ]. I did design more persona outfits that reveal less skin, but at the same time, I tried to convey her strong will through her facial expressions. But I just had to let you know the truth, Natsuki.I think there is a chance that you run into Chihiro if you go out with some dating girl, and that ends up reversing the S. Managed to avoid it in P3Fes, but saw it happen in P4. I ended up getting both chihiro AND Yukari reversed on me.

In P3P, portable links no longer reverse from either dating other portabble or ignoring anyone for portable than yukari days 60 days yukari persona cases.

From then on, whenever you hang out with other girls, the time you have left to hang out dating the serious girl is shortened by 15 days. It never messed me up, at dating website for geeks. No, in Persona 3 the MC is forced to be a player still. The FemC can choose, however. Please Yukafi In to persona. This edit will yukari create new pages on Giant Bomb for:

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