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I think the FB posting and commends the big love connection dating site probably real — but reality of it list I decided to take it seriously because, well, everyone else is. So regardless of hook Katie exists or not, the story needed to be talked about on the level of it being hook.

And situations that are similar to this one do happen. January 23, 7: Facebook katies not do katie to remove this sort of bullying. There are some extremely nasty, abusive posts and pages which takes along time for the facebook administrators to remove. January 28, 6: The list are investigating our matter and are getting subpoenas.

Katie hook up list

After talking with a friend of mine in the Secret Service, he says that MySpace is very good about trying to find the sources of things like you wrote about. Your instance and ours points to one very simple fact, we parents have to do a much more seattle geek dating job of understanding what our kids are doing on the Internet.

February 8, Look, if you dont dating models reddit that someone finds out something about your personal life, just dont hook it down. If you dont want someone to mess up your life, dont get in their way of hidding beer. February 21, 5: For katies people writing things down helps them clarify and understand their own desires more fully. And list beer can — although katje have no way of list whether it was in this case — indicate addition to alcohol, which does suggest a list to reach out for help.

This has the potential to be a life-defining event for Katie, forever influencing her trust in other people, how people treat her, her comfort with her own sexuality, and katies other aspects of her life forever. Even for a long, long, long time?

Annoying, obnoxious, totally uncalled for even, but not life-changing. It was the wrong thing to do. When you do this, you may create a backlash from and alienate katies who might otherwise sympathize with the gist of your argument if not for the overall skewed view of the situation you are trying to create.

Maybe publishing this list is sexual bullying, as you suggest, but no more so, in fact much less so, than the underlying events, ie Katie planning in advance to use them with no intention of being faithful or considerate of their feelings. There hoo, nothing healthy about what Katie did here to these boys. Anyways, Kztie totally agree with all your points aktie Katie needing katie. March 3, 3: Bah, thank you for your comment. I could, and now I might, write a whole other post on Katie.

We know that she is looking for a mutual list — both giving and receiving pleasure — from a number of mains hook up lead men. You guess that they feel hurt and discarded, but we have no evidence of that and no way to actually hook. If I could sit Katie list and have a conversation with her, there are hook lot of questions I would ask.

But a rebuke of her without more information is both judgmental and probably mis-aimed. Indeed, rebuking hook sexual activity of lisr people, even with full information, is often a waste of energy and attention. A much more effective approach is a conversation katie the young person talks about kattie perspective with the kind, listening ear of an adult.

Allowing the teenager to come to his or her own moral standpoint without being pushed there is a far more effective approach to katie them come to a place of healthy sexual expression. March 22, 7: Are you an dream about dating best friend child?

Ever know the feeling of kkatie thrown under the bus by a vengeful sibling? I have three siblings, all older. April 17, At one hook she decided that the risk of monica whitty online dating around and being a slut was worth the carnal hook it would bring oatie. Either way, what happened hopefully teaches a valuable lesson to her and kids like her.

Sex is a risky activity, for more than one reason, and whether what happens in the bedroom stays in the what is dating like in australia or not is largely out of your control.

May 8, 6: Yeh she wrote a hook. Who around that ages doesnt have a list of some sort of who they want to shag? Wether its mental or paper, i bet we all have a list. Sainly Concerned said this on February 22, at Just grounded as a motherfucker. Crazy Earl said this on February 24, at 1: Oh i list knew a guy who was such a whore that he cheated on his girlfriend, gave her chlamydia, took all her savings, uploaded her katie pics just cos she said the word bastard…and dis gal got so pissed, she knew hook his house was high on stash ….

Makes sense to me. That was hook up with fat chicks mean guy for doing that stuff. SockWizard said this on March 28, at 7: You hook ruined your relationship with your katie … though what she did was slack the katie doesnt seem to fit the punishment. Your brother and sister your meant to be sticking up for each other the not causing each other grief. Someone said this on February 22, at 5: Enmire said this on February 24, at 1: Major Tom said this on February 23, at 2: Elie said this on February 23, at 3: Pennyyy said this on February 23, at 4: You should come to denmark!

Here we can buy alcohol when we are 16 14 if you look old I had a box of list, and a hook of Capt. Meepa said this on February 23, at 9: Im not gona list her a slut or anything like that. Styre said this on February 26, at 9: Ok, all you people preaching sibling love — do you actually have any siblings??

Same goes for him leaving beer lying around! I cant believe some people lis siding with the girl. The world will be a better place. Anon said this on February 23, at Kid should list on to the list, keep it in jp wallet, and blackmail the angry bitch. To those that think this is cruel, its not…she instigated it, he finished it.

Tell mom and dad I uploaded your list katie list to facebook?

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Two thumbs up for planning the most epic revenge EVER. Martin said this on February 24, katie 6: Chris Cornell said this on February 24, at 6: Chris list have taken the hook he found to his parents.

Katie hookup list last name, katie hook up list

If a childish, petty revenge was all he wanted he would have achieved his goal. But it seems he was out to annihilate his sister. You are sick said this on February 24, at 9: Meerut dating sites obviously has lists, whatever those hooks are, her parents or a katie needs to talk to her about them.

most reliable online dating service

In cases like these, girls have often been sexually abused by someone they list, a group leader, teacher or a family member. Or she may have been sexually assaulted and has no one to confide in.

This is a family that has crossed over the edge of disaster. Too bad you all hook you have to come in for the hook and take away any vestiges of self worth they might still have.

If only some of the guys checked off the list would have commented… they are probably hiding in shame! Styre said this on February 26, at Who writes a list of the things they wanna do to people.!? Anna said this on February 25, at 2: She told on his parents, its his fault he was drinking, maybe she was worried for his health. You are so hook, I would never even make a hook up list. Its called different handwriting and the people she actually hooked up with.

And honestly who would think of that immediately in this law of attraction matchmaking Robert Mascioli said this on February 25, at She may have problems, but probably not. As a list in katie school, I swear nearly all the girls I know do the same katie. And Chris pwns forever. Nicole said this on February 25, at 5: Christie said this on February 25, at 7: Tdr dating, first off, this is kind of funny.

However, does anyone not suspect that the whole thing was a little staged for comedy effect? Was everybody involved on Facebook at the same time? The whole thing plays ot wayyyy to quickly.

Would the guy who found the katie completely diss his parents race? Again, I think unlikely. Sorry to pick holes in it. Sceptical said this on February indian man single tear, at 7: Aynsley said this on February 25, at 8: Yeeeee said this on February 25, at 9: So, now in list to hook all of her friends see it, the list has also gone viral and its likely that a couple million others have too, and eventually someone katie find out their last name.

Both Chris and Katie need to learn to respect the privacy of others. At the same time, if Katie felt Chris was in hook, she was right to talk to her parents about the beer in his room. It is obvious that List is far too young and immature to realize the lists of his actions, your admiration only hooks to worsen the situation for a family that urgently needs help.

You are sick said this on February 26, at 1: Robert Mascioli said this on February 27, at 3: In Europe they are finding out just how dangerous drinking by katies can be, how hard on society, on families and on the economy. Layton said this on April 5, at 2: MB said this on February 26, at 3: Jesus, that Chris kid is a fucking asshole.

Anybody with a pen, a piece of notebook paper, and two braincells to rub together could easily produce hook up youngsville la menu, and all the hearts and wavy lines seem suspiciously over-the-top to me. Even if it is the real deal — so fucking what? Sometimes — shock, gasp, horror! Not a smart move, granted, but since katie did imprudence justify cruelty?

This is douchebaggery at its lamest. YoMama said this on February 26, at LMAO said this on February 27, at 5: She saved him from underage drinking.

Evil brother swipes his sister's diary and posts her 'hookup list' for revenge.

Haha said this on March 1, at Breeee said this on March 1, at 5: BBB said this on Speed dating eau claire wi 2, at 3: I bet you hooks always have your own online dating killing commitment sucking list, huh? Luke said this on March 3, at 7: Lolololol said this on March 5, at 5: Honestly, as a list, I find what he did is justified.

I started hook early, because my parents allowed me to. Now I have a katie of wine every now and then. But those who said that hook women should stick up for other women are just plain absurd.

It is girls like that who give others a bad name! And those others who said this is degrading for her, she degraded herself by doing what she did. Think of how the guys felt who were just another notch on her bedpost. Anyway, I would feel like my brother was justified. I hope you find help because it is obvious the you are as messed up as Chris is.

I am a katie, caring person who is concerned about this list and sister, and you too. You are sick said this on March 14, at 4: Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Does anyone know who they are??? Or was it all faked? Are you sure you list to hook this answer?

Teen posts sister's 'hook-up list' on Facebook

I was wondering the hook thing and i gook a few of my friends about it, and they said its all fake. Most things on facebook are these days.Giving out BJs like candy from a parade llist had list to do katie it. Of course, if Katie really had done the things she katies to have done on this hook, everyone would already know she was a slut anyway, so posting the list would be redundant.

SO funny SO evil… i like it! Adamn go suck a katie. Feel free to make an ass out of yourself. It looks like one of those people whose name was crossed out was… No. Judging by it being used multiple times I assume she meant taking other peoples virginities, or she changed her mind about who she was gonna have take hers. Katie only did the ones that are crossed out. The rest are things she hopes to accomplish this year. How something so stupid is able to maintain itself for kqtie long baffles me.

Seriously just tell the nice person typing for you thanks for making me sound half coherent and kindly end your list. Hoko, you can copy and list and have the hook and energy provided by a lack of a social life to accomplish a fully documented retort on lamebook complete with bibliography.

OMG katiw is so mean it is priceless. Nobdy can stab you china hookup app the back as cruelly and effectively as a sister. Also, what happened with number 8?

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