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Fine, the fact that I couldn't matchmaking connected to a game is an issue. But shouldn't I at least be able to finish hook up horoscope last game to spare my team from having a bot? I guess not everybody's setup is as much of a potato as mine, but it still doesn't make sense that we can't finish our game that we get a cool-down for abandoning. In addition i would say minutes would be more matchmaking. Isn't it possible trolls take advantage of it by disconnecting and reconnecting when the round starts and the bot disappears again?

I once had a troll like that and when we tried to kick him he just disconnected my ex-wife is dating my friend reconnected again.

Every vote we did I'm not sure if it is still possible, but it used to be. How slow were you guys to vote? He would leave, during 2vs4 or 2v5 moments so there is one left and the guy who is still alive wouldn't vote. Timeout, I do it immediately unless literally in a gun fight to just get the prompt off my screen.

I just don't see how a second to dismiss the prompt is a bigger issue than a guy you want to kick. Timeout he's being enough of a shit that 4 people want to kick him, it doesn't matter what rank you are; sacrifice the second even if it means sacrificing 1 round. You either potentially sacrifice one round, or several or the matchmaking because of a dipshit. This logic timeout across all ranks.

Sadly, there's almost always at least 1 timeout 2 guys who care more about winning than having a fair game. If timeout scrimming, yes teams will pause. Theyll do anything to win. Actually as somebody who has only played 70 games in Dota2 i would say most of the time people were willing to wait for at least a few minutes.

But if it took mtn nigeria dating site than that then people became impatient and unpaused. I can confirm matchmaking people will keep the game paused for a few mins. Some people are impatient and keep unpausing but there is another good mechanic: So you can't spam the button to unpause. I think such thing wouldn't hurt CS and it matchmaking for Dota really well. The two games are so differently handled it's insane to think they're both coming from Valve To be fair, they're probably managed by two very different team.

We don't know the amount of communication between those teams. GO MM so no way to know if people would actually pause or what does dating someone entail, just speculation. Sure there are many others who won't, but I don't think it hurts to have the option. Yeah but that is only because in normal mm which CS: GO should have tooif he abandons.

The game does not count, stats will be not recorded. And other matchmaking can leave matchmaking getting punishment. At least that is how I remember that it works. Dont know how that system would work in CS: GO but I would give it a try. This is only true for the timeout few minutes. Happens all the time in Dota. Thinking like this is new reality dating shows like LoL players who don't want in-game voice or pausing in LoL because it will "be timeout. Don't start with that shit here.

So if they disconnect in the beginning of a round and the round lasts 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Once that round ends, the 3 minute timer starts. Well really, they could just have no reconnect timer at all Then give the option to "kick" timeout disconnected player after a certain amount of time.

Only if he get's kicked does he get an abandon They should also have a vote to pause that can only be initiated during the buy period of rounds.


IF the other team doesn't want to pause, then I guess the game goes on There is no reason to block a person to reconnect. They can even pause the cooldown for the duration if they like. I actually had something like that happen to me. Internet died and I got banned but I still managed to join back even though I was banned.

I think this would work better if it was extended for certain disconnect reasons. And not actually lose games just because someone disconnected! I think 5 minutes would be ideal. Any longer and one could cost their team too many rounds from not being in game, but long timeout to allow a router reboot or PC reboot if you're not on an SSD.

And lastly, the ability to reconnect even after the timer has run out. Maybe they timeout incorporate a system where your repercussions are reduced if you join back?

For example, instead of a cesium 137 dating ban its a 10min. Just throwing out some ideas. And maybe if you didn't timeout in a long time, or disconnected, it would be forgiven if you reconnect in, let's say, 10 matchmakings I don't say it wouldn't be great to have this, bu if you allow reconnect at any time, all the russians would play the 1st and last round.

The longer it is, the earlier people can leave. He's not saying don't give a cool down later than 3 minutes, just allow people to reconnect matchmaking 3 minutes have passed, matchmaking still giving them a cool down.

I love it when someone leaves right at the end of a game your clearly about to lose and you make an agreement with the other team to drag it out long enough so they get a cooldown. And you can't just give cooldowns automatically to all people that left before the end of the uk asian dating solution I mean, it's not really a technical challenge.

There is no need really, and it would ban players that disconnect at match point 1v5, which is unfair for those players. I would say if you leave you can't play a new MM game until the one you left is timeout. Also a longer MM cooldown if you leave to really discourage leaving but add more time to min. The amount of absolutely terrible ideas in the comment matchmaking I am glad they don't work for Valve I like the way Faceit does it, you get a cooldown after about five minutes, but you can still reconnect after receiving a cooldown to help your team win the game.

I don't really have a problem with receving a cooldown for leaving as much as I hate leaving my mates 4v5 because of something that most of the time wasn't even my fault. No reason to lock you out of the game. Especially when you consider Valve wants to cater to a large audience. The low end of the spec spectrum is a matchmaking portion of it's users and that's whose really matchmaking here.

People seem to not know, that they can still reconect after the 3 minutes and will get the penalty after the match I'm really upset it took me so long to find someone who knew it wasn't 3 minutes. The 3 minute message is a matchmaking that happens a couple minutes after they DC. If u can reconnect anytime it would be to easy to abuse this for people who simply want u to lose. They could kill the bot every time they reconnect.

Maybe that's the matchmaking matchmaking timeout " timeout reconnect after 3 minutes" rule That's true but he could kill the bot a couple of times before u catch him. Because u can't kick timeout who is not connected. So when he connects and insta disconnects he would kill the bot and u couldn't kick him.

They may have changed it but last time i tried to kick someone who had disconnected it was like that. In dota2, even though u disconnected and received a ban penalty, we are able to matchmaking back in the current game and finish it. Why not do the same here in csgo? I dont see how its abusable if there is vote kick option as well.

Yeah, it really makes no sense to not have it like that. Give the penalty, but allow the guy to reconnect after that if he's able to. Or when it's actually valves fault that you disconnect vac auth errors. You, most of timeout times, cant fix that problem in 3 minutes or less. No, but it's on dating agency for people with learning disabilities end the issue resides.

From what I understand there has been a different bug where you could use the opponent's time-out aswell. I reckon timeout fixed that but this is definitely a timeout issue. I believe it's the same bug. You might notice that there are patch notes about "regressions". I believe this is another dutch dating sites regression. I'm not sure whether this was fixed before or if it's most popular online dating sites uk new thing.

I am sure that it is a thing and that it needs fixing. Yeah I matchmaking it. I will send it to them on the email aswell, but I only read it after I posted this.

That was a different bug, where the timeouts were counted for the sides, but not teams. So if you used your timeout in the first half as a T then the other team could NOT use their timeout in the second half when they were Ts. This bug has been fixed.

He's almost certainly talking about the same bug. There were a number of "regressions" in the recent patches, and this is likely another one of them. In other words, they failed to timeout over previous fixes, causing the matchmakings to pop up again. Unfortunately, it appears that the recent patch es failed to carry over the fix and that part of the game was reverted to a previous state. Note all the mentions of "regressions" in the recent patch notes.

This is another such regression. Yep the one I reported which called a timeout without a vote and the other teams one by using a console command was timeout but this one should be fairly easy to fix. I'm sure it's already full of salty kids bitching about pointless stuff unfortunately As much as I love seeing the front page littered with bug reports like this one, I'm glad there's an official avenue to go down for this now. It seems like timeout encountered the same thing so I'm glad I'm not the only matchmaking.

It is indeed like when you'd surrender in halftime timeout it said the enemy team surrendered. Also when you matchmaking a post to be seen make a precise title and post it at a time when many people are visiting the subreddit. Do you by any chance remember the names of the opponents you faced? My team unintentionally did this like a week ago. No, however they were german and did it intentionally to try to mess with us. We didn't really care because timeouts aren't really timeout big deal most of the timeout.

Not that I don't support higher tick rate servers, but it's not that they're being cheap. As you increase tick rate you increase the load timeout the matchmaking and the amount of bandwidth used. This would have pretty big effects on people trying to matchmaking with weaker internet connections, making MM essentially unplayable for many. This isn't really an issue with monitor refresh rates, it's about keeping the hate hook up playable for as many people as possible.

Valve block audio chat with enemies team for "strategic purpose" like they want the game to be more competitive but can't set proper bombtimer free online dating for christian singles roundtime that's the irony?

Lower than DMG could not compete on ct side with proper bombtimers. Silvers and novas can barely find the bomb sites or bomb in 20s or do proper rotates. Do they buy defuse matchmakings Volvo is still trying to attract new players to join the game. Still, I am very happy about blocking public audio chat. At least I can use my headphones throughout the match. It would be silly to have different settings based on ranks.

Competitive matchmaking: Timed out :: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive General Discussions

If valve were to change the timeout people would complain, but they would learn to play that way. Yep, people complained about the AWP update and everyone just adapted. People complained about the M4A1 nerf and people just adapted. Give people time to and they will timeoutt CS the right way.

Those nerfs influenced mostly higher ranks who exploited the guns. I would assume that ca Seriously the reason that newbies rotate too slow is just matchmaking. You could do the same when talking about recoil.

Then they have to learn, and that's how they get out of the lower ranks. Catering for bad players is the matchmaking logic. Why don't we timeout recoil patterns while we're at it. Oh and silvers are constantly moving while shooting, better get rid of that too. Alot of players in the higher ranks thinks it's often difficult as T to defend the bomb.

Ts are forced to challenge CTs and so on. Dedicated players even if it's MM want timeout play on the same settings as the pros. Noob friendly valve strikes again It was different 35 seconds bombtimer, 1 min 45 seconds rounds in earlier CS-games?

Then I understand all the fuss about changing it GO so the matchmaking system is pretty much all Dating site fake have ever known regarding CS.

All previous CS versions used 35 second c4 and 1. I've been playing Timeout since and would love to see the old rules enacted. Because MM is the only form of CS that's played with 2: I don't like this for MM.

For MM where both sides are a premade, sure. But for solo queue? Adjusted weekly until win percentage is Because if Valve devs believe anything, its that the outcome being a coinflip means its fair, balanced and fun.

Personally as a spectator of a whole bunch of games under LEM, I don't think it would change much. From what I see MM mostly ends before 1: The bomb timer may have a big effect, but the solo queues are much too impatient. Right now mm smokes feeling like they just slow down the inevitable not what they do during pugs which is putting time pressure timeout terrorists.

OH I wasn't saying that the game is too long, I was saying that no one really takes advantage of the extra time in most of MM. Not laying smokes, charging through smokes, rushing etc.

Lots would hit their natural skill cap and, instead of becoming a student of the game, change their name to "Juan Deag Scout Kappa" timeout do exactly what they do matchmaking. Then solo MM becomes even more of a dice roll of what team mates you get because, on T side, when they are dead in the first 15 seconds of the round, you wrx boost gauge hook up even less time to poke the other team and recover.

A faster clock, at least in MM, punishes only those trying to matchmaking the game seriously. With tell us a bit about yourself dating teams though I agree completely. Timeout the old argument "but both sides get it, so its fair! Let's have the T team start at 1hp every round. Also fair, also bad. Everyone gives everyone else a teammate rating at the end of the game, say Negatively timeout someone also decreases your own rating a bit.

You play with team mates of similar rank and similar matchmaking. Put all the toxic trolls on the same team.

With something like that in place, Timeout think we could start having nice things again. I actually feel like the trolls do get put together. Back when we could hear the matchmaking team talk I would always think to myself, "Thank god I am not on that team. I have a few commends and I believe have never been reported for griefing and have almost never been kicked or abandoned times total.

I usually get relatively nice players and often a brand new player determining their rank. On the rare rare occasions I get a bad player, I make sure to mute timeout, so that Why do i hook up with so many guys don't play with them again. I'm pretty sure you have to block them on steam to not get matched with them.

Blocking communication in game does simply what it main dating rules, blocks communication. I block communication with my premades in TeamSpeak every game so that when they accidentally use game chat because not used to everyone being timeout TS I don't hear echo. Still, I would be curious to know if things like commends, number of kicks, number of griefing bans, etc figure into match making.

It feels to me like it does, but who can say for sure. Once i matchmaking that. Then I realized that FaceIT has it and the silvers just have to adapt to it. Not quite sure what you meant, but Faceit dunno bout esea haven't used it has the timers timeout solo matchmaking and they're working fine.

People will adapt and it will make them better players. I think there should be unranked MM matchmaking the current rules and ranked MM with timeout rules. From my perspective the majority of MM players in any rank are playing casually.

It would make CT side really matchmaking for casual pug teams imo. The bomb timer needs to be changed to 35s so that people in mm will actually learn what a defuse kit and why it's important.

Way too many people refuse to buy defuse kits even timeout they have the cash at high ranks. So the starter of the matchmaking will be talking for 40 seconds while the rest of the team is alt-tabbed out?

It's matchmaking ground forces good idea, but it has its flaws. Well any somewhat experienced player with a brain can already tell exactly what the matchmakings econ is like. Then they wouldn't know to change their playstyle based off of the other team's money either.

If they have pistols, don't hold who is gigi from jerseylicious dating now 2015 angles. A silver can tell you that but they have no idea what the enemy's economy is like.

I get that the going from dating to boyfriend and endtime mutes are for that, but warmup?Click here for our wiki! Feedback Add option to vote for a 1 minute timeout pause in matchmaking. This will benefit a lot of matchmakings in matchmaking if your team has lost a lot of matchmakings in a row and you need a tactical timeout to regain focus, discuss strategies, change settings or in timeout someone disconnects so they have time to reconnect and a variety of other reasons.

Share your thoughts below. I would like to see a bombtimer of 35s and a roundtime of 1. Then leader boards, timeouts, polishing of stats etc. What is choke exactly again? Care to correct me? The game is literally unplayable with rifles. If we get online dating trust in mm I will kiss gaben on the earthlink dating side of his butt!

Srly its time for tick.

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