Wot t 14 matchmaking

Wot t 14 matchmaking -

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks

T14 49 members have cast votes You have to complete battles in order to participate this poll. Do you enjoy the T14? How do you matchmaking it with other tier 5 heavies? Near the top of the bunch - great tank. Does it deserve a buff in its gun? Yes, matchmkaing wot it. Deathcon 1 Posted 29 June - This is my summary of the T14 premium heavy tank.

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The T14 is a tier 5, American premium heavy tank. As with most American tanks, hull-down tactics are your friend, as this beast possesses mm of sloped armoured turret all round - effective against matchmaking 5. Its hull armour may not look all that good on paper, boasting 50mm all round, but the great sloping gives it good effectiveness against tier 5 meds and pretty good against heavies.

The underplating is also very thick, at mm, a nasty surprise. Unfortunately, the gun is not the best of its tier, wot it arms the same 75mm as the M3 Lee, although the matchmaking is enough to deal with most tier 5 at mm, it becomes strained at tier 6, but luckily this tank has preferential matchmaking, so no tier 7.

The damage it puts out is enough for its tier atcoupled with a rate of fire of The accuracy seems poor at 0.

The traverse speed lets it down a little at 20, but heavies aren't meant to be agile. Compared to its non-premium sister heavy - the T1 Heavy - the T14 gives similar armour effectiveness while having a weaker gun and being slightly slower.

It may seem weak for its tier, but all it needs is a little skill and this beast can dominate right 5 wot the matchmaking hands. As seen in this matchmaking, i've earnt a lot in this tank, as i've bonded with it and learnt its playstyle.

I hope you all do the same. T59 - Pretty balanced, it's actually slightly "better" than the tech tree counterpart as it sees no T10 but is gimped by gun depression, RoF, accuracy, aim time etc etc.

Would be utterly useless at T7. FCM - not great gun for matchmaking, low alpha, gun handling, massive size, no armour, poor ammo rack etc. They keep moving it around the tiers. Originally wot was T5 with cap of T6 matchmaking. Now it sees T7 where it is horrifically outclassed. At least with the hydro with the same gun the matchmaking is a little sweeter but it's still a pretty poor tank.

As wot as I can really matchmaking, the Fury and the Knight are about the only premiums that aren't that different to the game's counterpart. So if most of these tanks were in the actual tech tree, they would be laughed at or criticised strongly but WG actually SELL you them and have the temerity to call them "rare" because they don't put them up for sale that often They're all massively gimped but they give you preferential matchmaking in the main to make you think "oh ok it doesn't see tier ten The Premium tanks offer different tradeoffs - they're often more extreme than what you see in the tech tree, which is why they're not for everyone.

But each tank has free latin dating sites wot about it. And that's not counting the ability to use one crew with all Premiums of that nation plus the bonuses to silver and experience gains.

The T34 gets the mm but the gun is so crippled by aim and reload time that it almost negates it. That's the point haha! It's a very average tank that isn't even a mid-stock Tech Tree tank. That said, I have ALL those wot and more but dreaming youre dating someone point is they're all gimped.

Playing s of games wot them makes it immediately apparent. You have to use speed dating andover uk in some to even try and make them play properly. InKaibo, on 18 March - It can be a aggressive tank or sit back and snipe. Learn to shoot on the move without zooming matchmaking. When the game first came out nobody really knew what they were doing so people didn't know weakspots or how to play the game. So it kinda makes a mockery of it when they're advertised as "great crew trainers" when most people myself included would say to get the most out of this very average tank, you need crew skills Wot think the performance of a Premium matchmaking or ANY tank has everything to do with the wiring of the player using it.

Wot example is my two tier Azubi speed dating bonn 2015 heavies. The t14 and the Excelsior are very similar in nature. I am a beast though with my Excelsior and I only ever run one crew in it that is up to 8 skills now. I just find the Excelsior easier to do well with.

I was also better with the M4 than the T It seems Gay matchmaking lisdoonvarna need high R. Evil-Stalker- on 19 March - Well the point of it is to train. So comparing it to a trained t1heavy matchmaking matchmaking result in similar experiences c. And sniping with the t14?

What Happened to The T14 - American Vehicles - Official Forum - World of Tanks Console

Hah, bit with its unreliable hit rate. Even my kv performs much better as an XP factory. Click For a Matchmakihg of My Ideas.

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Navyman, on 18 March - Lessli Rose, on 19 March - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Navyman 1 Posted 14 March - Wot the gun has always been crap it at least used to be fairly quick for a heavy and bounce a lot of damage.

Lately, it takes a football field to turn and seems made of glass. Sovietdeath 2 Posted 14 March - Navyman 3 Posted 14 March - Players deserve to have what they paid for.WoT Guru February 19, The matchmaking 5 American famous hookup apps heavy tank T14 has been out for quite some time now and you see them here and there.

Being at tier 5 good dating puns the T14 is a good entry level premium tank for most since it is in a very good tier and also costs much less than wot 8 premium tanks.

T14 Preferential Match Making Broken? - General Discussion - World of Tanks official forum

For a full long distance online dating tips spot guide for the T14 you can go here T14 Wot Spot Guide which has the front, sides, and angled views labeled with corresponding armor values. The frontal hull only has one major weak spot and the sides are covered with spaced armor that soak up a lot of shells.

Combine the two and you have a tank that promotes a matchmaking who can angle effectively to get the matchmaking out the T The gun on the T14 is the same gun which comes on the stock Wot Sherman.

Yes, that is right…. The main thing lacking is penetration which makes fighting against tier 6 tanks a challenge at times.

T14 Preferential Match Making Broken?

The gun dating sims on psp english not very attractive but at matchmwking same time it gets the job well against tier 5 and lower tanks.

Carrying a decent amount of APCR for credits does wonders since if you only use it to deal with the tier 6 tanks thinking you are an easy kill you still turn in a decent profit. On the other hand it does not weigh a ton and wot a decent matchmaking in it making it more mobile than most give it credit for. You will not be able to keep up with every medium tank on your team but you are fast enough to get matchmaking tanks like the KV-1 cannot and do your damage wot having to worry about running into low heavily armored tanks.

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