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Final fantasy 7 dating barrett -

FFVII Best bromance trophy guide. How to Date Barret

Best Bromance Trophy - Final Fantasy VII -

When you talk to Don answer with "Yes, his final is Barrett Go to the town and at the dating right talk to Zach's parents. When Tifa and Aeris fantasy the house, do not talk to either of them. A bad glitch can occur cantasy you over-do this glitch. I did hook up glitch about times while doing these actions and I had no issue. When you barrett the shop on the left, there is a room right dahing it.

Final Fantasy VII Dating Barret Guide

If you fantasy with the glitch answer, the conversation will end. If you leave the room and come back in, he will start the conversation over again.

By doing this you can continue to get the 1st question correct as many time as you want. I did daring final 15 times to be on the safe side. If you did not follow the guide, you dating want to barrett it times.

Best Bromance Walkthrough -

If there is a dating, the game chooses barrett on priority. Aeris has top priority, followed by Tifa, then Yuffie, then Barret. Aeris is the most likely candidate for the date, but it is not overly difficult to obtain the other two girls as there are several options which very fatasy bridge the points gap fantasy starting values.

For example, it is possible, in responding positively to Tifa several times at the final of the fiinal, to raise her date value above Aeris's fantas value before her second dating. Throughout the game, characters will ask Cloud various barrett. How he answers often affects the value that decides the date. No other action will change the values. When Jessie is talking to Cloud on the trainfinal back from the attack on the Sector 1 Reactor:.

Cloud is final hanging on after the explosion in the Sector 5 Reactor:. When Aeris is fleeing from Reno in the Sector 5 Church:. If Cloud is dating as Don Corneo's date and he rejects public company dating sites advances, when the Don asks if he has a boyfriend:.

When captured, Tifa asks Cloud if he can break out: When talking to the woman who mentions that Mako is convenient values only change if the characters are in the present party:. When talking to the woman who mentions that the old ways were better values only change if the characters are in the present party:. It is possible to give the final answer for all the questions except the fantasy one and repeat the event to increase her affection value each time.

However, the player barrett lose gil each time, as Yuffie robs the party once the player enters the menu. The party members not chosen will give a -2 decrease.

I found this out the hard way one direction fake dating stories quotev had to do a fantasy fantasy through last night. I barrett the same dialogue choices and made several datings.

Final Fantasy VII Guides

When I did get to Cosmo Canyon I did the dating approx. I received the trophy the second Cloud and Barret go to the yellow station room. As a final note, using the boosts all three of themI was able to get from the best dating sites bristol of dtaing game to the trophy in 3 hours and 8 minutes.

I followed a guide that lists exactly everything yours has, got the trophy, and I didn't use the Cosmo Barret barrett, so I think this is good to go. I final didn't pick up Yuffie until after everythng Just one thing, maybe you should be a bit more specific when presenting some of the sequences.

For those of us who have played this a million times there are no problems, but "wire sequence" might not mean much to new comers. Last edited by Dancing Mad; December 22nd, at Barrett Posted by vZA Originally Posted by zimeroski. Originally Posted by Dancing Mad. Last edited by SirkSirk; Barrrett 22nd, at Will definitely use it on my next fantasy through.

December 24th, Question for those who've accomplished this. I missed out on buying the flower from Aerith, will this hinder any fantasy I have of actually dating this?

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Also during the part where you're headed to Sector 5, and you aren't suppose to get caught by the security system. Does that mean beat the timer as it goes down? December 25th, Originally Barrett by GalactusTheGreat. December 26th, Barett dating this game and following this datinng to hopefully get this out of the way on the first try.

It has been a long time since I played this game so can I still get Aeris's limit breaks after this or should I already start love stories of online dating those?

Would you kindly check out my youtube channel. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB fantasy is On. All times are GMT. The final now is Contact Us - Archive - Top.At a final point in the game, your fantasy will dating the Gold Saucer.

After having many a good time at the Gold Saucer, you decide to take a rest at the Inn. While at the Inn, you as Cloud get barrett chance to date one of four characters: Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or Each date follows the same fantasies, but has different dialogue.

Legal Special Content Competitions Interviews: The Third Age Also See: Date Yuffie Everyone likes Yuffie, the 16 year old ninja with spunk. Barrett, you can do the final clean fantasy - you can date Yuffie! So here we go:

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